‘Divyangs’ in distress over unfriendly JMC’s passenger sheds


Jammu: The Prime Minister Narinder Modi missionary zeal towards an inclusive future of differently abled people fails to wake the Jammu Municipal Corporation authorities from deep slumber on its utter failure to provide passenger sheds which may be friendly in use for ‘Divyangs’.

There are nearly 40 passenger sheds constructed in different parts of the city for passengers within JMC limit.

But strangely, none of these passenger sheds are friendly for persons with special ability.

The contractor took nearly 5 years to construct 40 passenger sheds out of 50 that too devoid of basic amenities, said JMC insiders.

Devoid of empathy and cooperation from JMC authorities, none of these passenger sheds support ramps  and necessary railing, lamented Rajan Sharma who have to struggle a lot to avail sitting facility in the passenger shed at Gole Market Gandhi Nagar.

Who bothered about us when everything is planned to secure and uplift the interest of affluent businessman, complained Rajan.

Ironically, these passenger sheds not only devoid of ramps but also facilitates like light and fan.

To catch matador for home, everyday I step into the passenger shed at Panama Chowk at 8.30 pm. I feel insecure and frightened owing to pitch dark in this passenger shed due to absence of light. But I have to bear it as there is no way out, said Shalini Khajuria who worked as Manager in MNC in Bahu Plaza.

Interestingly, these passenger sheds were build up by M/s Brite Neon Co which was awarded contract for display of hoardings within JMC limit.

As part of the agreement of contract signed between the JMC and Brite Neon, the contractor have to construct passenger sheds numbering 50 at the identified sites supported with facilities like fan, electricity and dustbin.

In turn, the JMC allow the contractor for display of advertisement on these sheds amazingly for 25 years.

Shockingly, the JMC authorities care to intact the financial interests of the contractor with 25 years favor but least bothered to stress for providing  ramps with railing  while executing contract which is the basic amenity for differently abled people.

In 2015, the PM Modi led government launched the Sugamya Bharat, or the Accessible India Campaign, to cater to the needs of the differently-abled people by making public places accessible, sensitising the mainstream society about various disabilities. But, the JMC passenger sheds reflects the mindset of officers towards the sufferings being faced by differently abled people, said Vikrant President JK Handicap and Destitutes Association.

The seriousness of the JMC authorities towards PM Modi directives for extending every required facilities for the upliftment and welfare of differently-abled lots of society can be evident from the fact that except Secretary, JMC Sunaina Mehta neither JMC Commissioner, Pankaj Magotra nor Jt Commissioner (A), Ashish Gupta responded to JKGN on such an issue which has got special attention of Prime Minister Narinder Modi.

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