Govt blindly pushes B2V2 ignoring villagers feedback

Arfat Khan

Jammu: The much hyped Back to village programme virtually turned into a costly exercise which is devoid of any substantial results. At a time when several members of different panchayats have expressed their deep disappointment over first phase of this ‘Sarkar managed’ exercise, the babus occupying cosy chairs in the civil secretariat has pushed ‘Back to village -2’ in an authoritarian manner with lofty advertisements worth lakhs in almost all empanelled news papers of the state without caring to made public the outcome of the feedback collected during B2V1.

Interestingly, at ground level this entire exercise is managed by the officials of rural development department (RDD) which has earned notoriety for swindling funds worth crores meant for different development works in villages. From VLW’s to BDO’s and upto ACD level, the dossiers of Anti Corruption Bureau and the investigation underway only reflects the sordid affairs prevailing in RDD which entrusted with the crucial task of transforming the village life into admissible living standards.

Sharing his bitter experience a member of panchayat Surni of block Chanunta in Ramnagar said “The programme was launched to understand blockades and corrective measures required for the holistic development of villagers in reference to drinking facility, road connectivity, education, health and livelihood but the focus was turned towards making the stay of the visiting officers more pleasurable.

“Everything was fixed and pre-planned as the crook officials of RDD arranged their stooges for interaction with the deputed officers so as to showcase everything in pink and conceal their bunglings” added Dhani Ram.

There is no finger of suspicion on the intentions of government behind programmes like ‘Back to Village’. However, the implementing authorities have to ensure that same should not be turned into compelling assignment where suppressing itching realities everything has been forged to project as ‘pleasant’ in the backdrop of the fact that the same got pat from Pradhan Mantri Narinder Modi in ‘Maan Ki Bhaat’  aired on 27th July 2019, opined a senior IAS officer posted in UT J&K.

Worst, the members of panchayats were forced to pay from their pockets to cater the expenditures incurred on stage managed interaction programme of deputed officers, lamented Girdhari Lal Sharma, Panch Panchayat block Bishnah.

Similar views were shared by the members of other panchayats phallayan Mandal and Ramnagar. The compensation issue of land acquired long back in 2005 under PMGSY was raised with the officers during B2V1 but till date there is no official word on this genuine feedback.

Nothing will change until, the government act tough against the corrupt officers of RDD who has turned the upheaval task of village transformation into their personnel development, opined a member of panchayat in Kathua.

It’s strange despite showing cold response to the feedback collected in first phase of back to village, the mandarins in the civil secretariat to save their skin have pushed the second phase in an obscure way, said Sarpanh.

There are 4483 panchayats in the UT of J&K and the government has deputed nearly 4500 officers who will stay in their assigned panchayats for three days to assess various development related works and collect feedback for augmenting the road map for development of villages in future.

The government is spending worth crores with pomp and show to project this programme as great success.

Whereas, it’s advisable that the authorities should come clean on the feedback to remove apprehensions of villagers about the end results of ‘Back to village programme’.







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