JMC Commissioner sleeps as Khilafwarzi Inspector shields illegal constructions in Gandhi Ngr-2

By Arfat Khan

Jammu: For enforcement inspector Ramesh Wazir, the solution to illegal constructions is always readily available for price.

The large number of  unauthorised commercial as well as residential constructions which are going on in areas alloted to Ramesh Wazir stands testimony to these allegations of corruption which is flourishing at alarming speed.

The JKGN team visited the Gandhinagar, Qasim Nagar, Shastri Nagar and Nai Basti and came across large number of illegal constructions.

Since it’s an act of corruption and deliberate financial loss to the revenue of JMC, the JKGN is starting series against such unauthorised constructions and to exposed the corrupt deeds of enforcement inspectors who are minting money by befooling the Mayor as well as Commissioner JMC.

Violation No 1 : The owner of Plot No 5 A/B namely B.L.Gupta located in  Gandhi Nagar Auqaf Market has started illegal construction on August, 10, 2019 apparently for carving two shops  from his residential area along road side  in utter violation of  land use. 

When JKGN enquired about the enforcement inspector Ramesh Wazir about this construction, he said ” I least bothered about JMC Commisisoner” This construction have ‘Sifarish’ of Mayor sahib, he added.

When questioned further, Ramesh Wazir even try to bribe the JKGN team with Rs 10,000 to stop highlighting this high value construction.

Claiming to enjoy close proximity with Mayor JMC Chander Mohan Gupta, Ramesh is currently looking after the Gandhinagar Nagar, Satwari and Qasim Nagar area.

The job of enforcement inspector is to report any illegal constructions in his alloted area so as to initiate legal action against the violators under relevent JMC laws.

But in contrast to the laid down rules and advertently causing financial loss to the JMC, Ramesh Wazir openly patronising unauthorised constructions in his alloted wards.

“Without the consent of a concerned enforcement inspector not even a wall can be raised without the approved plan of Jammu Municipal Corporation” said one Assistant Enforcement Officer preferring anonymity.

But there are number of illegal constructions going on inside lanes as well as on roadside which speaks a loud about the suspicious role of concerned enforcement Inspector posted in Gandhinagar, added JMC sources.

Several attempts to seek view of JMC Commissioner Pankaj Magotra as well as Mayor Chander Mohan Gupta on this grave situation couldn’t materialize as both prefers to avoid our calls.





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