Self Style CTA President stoops low to Hijack CUJ functioning

Arfat Khan

Jammu: Implementation of new timings as per UGC for welfare of students community in Cluster University, Jammu (CUJ) seems indigestible to a group of few disgruntled teachers of its constituent colleges. 

From October 1st, the CUJ administration reportedly implementing new timing from 9 am to 5 pm with five days a week working.

However, a group of five teachers claiming to be self styled representative of entire college community of Jammu province are hell bend to create hurdles in smooth functioning besides growth of higher education department by opposing change in timing.

As per available reports, Professor D.S.Manhas who still claimed to be President of College Teachers Association despite expiry of its two years term along with his coterie namely M.S. Saini, Anil Ganjoo, Narayan Dutt and Srikanth has raised their objection regarding new timing in CUJ on hollow and ineligible grounds.

They also approached the court
for stay on new timings stating that it’s in violation of UGC rules and being implemented amidst mid session.

Interestingly, those crying foul over new timing are rotating within 3 kilometres colleges for the last 10 years and known for pro politics activities rather than teaching in college, said a principal of Government College preferring anonymity.

May be those creating hoo-hallah on change in timing have some vested interests, alleged another college professor.

Majority of teaching staff of constituents colleges of CUJ while admitting new working schedule as a welcome move has termed it as healthy development for staff as well as students growth.

Change in timing will provide one hour lecture, thus providing ample time for students to understand academics in class rooms in a better way, said another teacher preferring anonymity.

Talking on the issue, Prof D.S.Manhas miserably failed to explain as to how new working schedule would affect the teachers, staff and students of CUJ.

On being contacted, Jatinder  Khajuria, Registrar CUJ clarified ” With the active support of teachers of constituent colleges, the CUJ has established itself as a fast emerging centre of academic excellence in the region”. Soon, those opposing the new timing on account of some misconceptions will too appreciate the outcome of its implementation, he added.


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