Irked over denial of leave to visit his ailing daughter, guard shot judge’s wife, son

Gurugram: Mahipal Singh, the guard who shot the Gurugram judge’s wife and son, wanted to visit his ill daughter. He had requested for leaves. Instead, the judge refused to grant any leave and asked Singh to escort his family for shopping.

Miffed over this, the guard shot the mother-son duo in board daylight on a busy street in Gurugram market. The family of the accused claims that the Haryana Police was harassing them. They maintain that Singh wanted to visit his ailing daughter. They also said that they had submitted the medical prescription as the proof, an India Today report said.

The report also said that on the fateful day, Singh had hardly slept for three hours and was feeling very low.

So far, the police has not been able to find out the exact motive behind the shooting. According to the sources, Mahipal Singh had posted a photo on Friday night. This was the last post before the shooting. In the post, seven dots are jotted down in a line with something written next to them. The police is trying to find out whether this post is linked to the shooting. The accused has been changing his statement ever since he was taken into the custody. First he said that he was miffed as the family used to ask him to do menial jobs. Then he changed the track and said that he was under influence. He said that he had converted to Christianity five days ago. He claimed that the victims were ‘Shaitan’ or ‘devil.’ Later, he said that he was depressed, though the copy didn’t find any medication from his house.

On Monday, Additional Sessions Judge Krishan Kant’s wife Ritu succumbed to her injuries and their son Dhruv (18) was declared brain dead by the doctors.

Regional Medical Officer, Gurgaon Civil Hospital, Pawan Choudhary confirmed the death of Ritu and said the post-mortem examination had been conducted.

‘The reason for Ritu’s death was excessive bleeding. A panel of three specialist doctors found two gunshot wounds on the right side and in the middle of the chest,’ Chaudhary said.

Dhruv, who was shot in the head, is brain dead. He has been put on life support system. It would be a miracle if he is saved, the medical officer said. Mahipal was brought to a Gurgaon court at 1 pm on Sunday, which sent him to four-day police custody

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