MLA Ramnagar urges CS for rehabilitation of displaced Rehri vendors

Ramnagar: Taking up the case with Chief Secretary, Ranbir singh Pathania, MLA Ramnagar, has called for formulation of a comprehensive ‘Action Plan’ for rehabilitating/accomodating Rehri-walas, Fari-Walas and Shopkeepers affected by anti-encroachment drive being run jointly by Municipal, Revenue and Police authorities. He called for creation of separate spaces for the uprooted Rehri-walas/Fari-Walas  with a separate place for a fruit and vegetable market, separate meat market, a separate place for vendors of clothes/Manyari items and a separate place for food/tea points. He further called for fully developing and updating these places with proper grounding, sitting/drinking water arrangements, display-boards and other required facilities.

Pathania called for exercising restraint while carrying out anti-encroachment operations. He further said that the Anti-encroachment drive launched by the govt. has been appreciated by one and all; however it should not result in snatching of bread and butter of the poor rehri-walas.

Whereas ‘right to livelihood’ is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution itself and State is further enjoined to create better employment avenues for the people of the State.

He was also apprehensive of the beauty and pictursque nature of Ramnagar town and called for formulation of a Master Plan, Sewerage project, STP and carving out a separate Housing colony near Ramnagar town so that pressure of further expansion on Ramnagar town is reasonably absorbed and deviated. He was pretty vocal in seeking immediate start of work on  Bus Stand, Ramnagar and a recreation centre with theatre for Ramnagar town.


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